Free Pet Stuff For All!

Free pet stuff – how does that work then?

If you own a pet, the food you feed is of vital importance – we know that, you know that. So what better way to find the ideal pet food than to try some for free! And it’s not just pet food (cat food / dog food) that we have on offer for free. We have pet toys, pet beds, pet vouchers and much more!
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Here’s how it works:

We have commercial relationships with many pet food companies all over the world. Very often those companies wish to run promotions, competitions, offers, vouchers, give-a-ways and other incentive schemes that involve giving away free food for dogs, free cat food and other pet freebies.

We’re talking about the very top name pet food brands here as well as newcomers to the do and cat food market!

Some key questions about the free pet food:

Q) Is the food legit?
A) 100%, it’s the same food that is available for sale in the public – the very same.

Q) Do you sell or pass on my data for marketing?
A) Absolutely not. No way. Not ever. The only data we’d pass on is for the express purpose of the dog food and cat food companies sending you the free food. If they then, independently ask you if you’d be happy to also receive further information directly from them, then you can choose to do that (or not do that, up to you). We do NOT pass your details on for marketing and nor will we ever. You will NOT receive loads of spam (unless, of course, spam happens to be a new brand of dog or cat food you’d like to try for free!)

Q) How do you make money?
A) Advertisers support this site. Believe it or not, dog food companies and cat food companies very often WANT to be able to give free pet food away and so it’s a great platform for them to reach people who’ve signed up to receive free pet food.

The one thing we’d like to stress is to encourage you to fill in the free pet stuff application in full. It’s far, far more likely you’ll be chosen to receive free dog food if you give us accurate information about your dog(s) as we strive to ensure all food sent out is properly matched to suit each individual dog.

Important: When you sign up to receive free dog food (or cat food, fill the form in the same but replace dog for cat) you will receive an initial confirmation email – you MUST confirm, when you receive this email, that we have your correct email address by clicking a link within the email. Otherwise, we simply cannot contact you to keep you up to date of all the latest offers. Our free dog food promotions are delivered by email – so you do have to sign up.