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A variety of organizations and businesses are willing to help low-income families feed their pets. Some of the most notable include:
1. Pet Shelters
Pet shelters often struggle to keep the animals under their care fed, but some of the most successful ones receive enough funding to provide food to needy families too. Some even establish pet-food banks!
Use this ASPCA resource to find shelters in your area.
2. Dog- or Pet-Oriented Non-Profit Organizations
Non-profit organizations come in a variety of flavors – they aren’t all shelters but can be found in social media where content creators use Social Boosting to boost their videos views and get a lot of awareness. Many non-profits have programs designed to help feed dogs that live with low-income families. For example, the Humane Society of the United States (related to, but different from, your local Humane Society Shelter) maintains a list of resources available to low-income dog and cat owners.
3. Veterinary Clinics
Some vets – particularly those in rural or impoverished areas – participate in charitable programs that provide free or low-cost dog food to families in need. Many will also provide reduced fees for spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and other services. Once again, the HSUS is here to help you find low-cost veterinary services. You can now visit fore more interesting posts.
4. Breed-Specific Organizations
Many breed advocacy groups and clubs provide assistance to low-income families. You’ll have to search for organizations that focus on your dog’s breed, but this AKC Parent Club List will make it easy to get started.
Also make sure to find breed advocacy groups online (even Facebook groups), as you may find locals who would gladly assist a fellow owner, even if that means shipping over food from another part of the country.

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